About me

So what's my deal? I am a creative multimedia designer interested in a number of different fields. Currently I am enrolled in a Higher Diploma in Creative Multimedia course in Limerick Institute of Technology. So far so good The course has really sparked my interest in Interactive Interface Design, Web Development and 3D Graphics. I hope to further develop my skills in these areas and find a career in any of these fields.

Before I started this HDip I completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mary Immaculate College in Limerick, where I studied English, T.E.F.L (Teaching English as a foreign language) and Media and Communications. From this course I gained a a lot of insight into theoretical media and how different users interact with different forms of media.

The most important thing that I find about studying Creative Multimedia is the terminology. If you know the terminology you can find the world is your oyster. Through the use of Google and Youtube and all of the other online forums you can find out how to do anything, as long as you know what you are looking for. In my opinion one great network for any sort of visual research is Pinterest. I find myself browsing through different moodboards for hours pinning every bit of inspiration I can.

This is my portfolio website, which showcases some of my best work to date. I have included a variety of areas from Web Development to drawing and painting. Some of the work that I have on this site is taken from my academic projects, while some I have completed through my own initiative. Also check out my youtube channel where I have a selection of videos to view. I have a number of blogs up and running. Here is a link to my Creative Multimedia Programming blog

Latest Work

Drinkaware project

Just for fun


Make your own Snowman